CUBOT V2 Smart Wristband Review

CUBOT V2 Smart Wristband Review

This time we are by the Cubot‘s model V2 smart wristband. Cubot is a main producer. The firm has verified itself particularly on the smart phone marketplace and has very effective models. Lately, Cubot has started toward produce wearable products in addition to smartphone products similar numerous other manufacturers. The Cubot V2 derives as an updated version of the firm’s smart wristband Band V1 which was beforehand highly commended in the market. First we open the box as well as look at the general presence of CUBOT V2 Smart wristband.

CUBOT V2 Smart derives with a pretty slim box. The box comprises the smart wristband with a manual plus a Micro USB charging cable. The Micro USB charging cable is white in all models plus is a bit short for augmented portability. You do not have to usage it, you can advantage from the charging cable of your smart phone. Cubot V2 has useful features for example step counter, clock, heart rate monitor, calorie meter, alarm, SMS alert, GPS, call alert, sleep timer, phone tracker, and anti-theft and camera remote control. The game oriented features inside plus the body that appearances like a wristband additional than a watch places the Cubot V2 in a Smart Wristband category. You need to completely charge the Cubot V2 beforehand using it. The product is actual light and comfy. You do not feel its existence during the usage and the material excellence is moreover extremely high. The net weight of 9.5 grams is not actually felt. The product is fairly stylish but moreover slim with the sizes of 235 x 20 x 12.7 mm. Supported edge languages are accessible in German, English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, French, and Chinese. Battery capability is 80 mAh plus it is likely to say that it meets the hopes well. The 30 day stand-by period is extended than numerous smart wrist bands.

The Cubot V2 has a 0.88-inch display with blue OLEDs. A resolution of 128 x 32 pixels is sufficient to see all the info clearly. The OLED preference affects the watch definitely in terms of prominence and energy ingesting. Let us also say that the watch by IP65 certificate is a serious water proof feature. In terms of usage, there is a belt that would fit both men plus women. The 120 x 210 mm of adjustability is perfect. The low-power Bluetooth 4.0 antenna as well as the tri-axis accelerometer is additional features that must be mentioned.

As you could notice, the USB slot is firmly closed by a rubber. Therefore, the waterproofing of the watch is becoming certain. Because of the IP65 credential, major defense against water and additional natural settings is ensured. The watch supports as a minimum Android 4.3 or iOS 8 operating systems. Cubot V2 app is accessible for both Android plus iOS users.

On the Home screen, you could view information for example the time, date, plus battery charge. By dragging your finger, you could easily highlight other info the watch keeps. The screen is as delicate as a smart phone screen.