Do you Know Vacuuming is NOT Carpet Cleaning!!

Do you Know Vacuuming is NOT Carpet Cleaning!!

Most people think their carpets do not require regular cleaning like other floors demand. Your carpets should undergo regular carpet cleaning in Frisco, TX every six to 18 months, even if you regularly vacuum. Professional carpet cleaning prolongs the carpet’s life and promotes better air quality, and reduces allergies.

We understand you want to save time and money when doing household chores, but vacuuming is not an effective way to cut corners when carpet cleaning. Here are some reasons why Frisco, TX carpet cleaning is more effective than vacuuming:

  • Vacuuming does not remove lethal contaminants. There are toxic chemicals found in dust can often be found hiding in your carpets, which may lead to breathing problems of those who inhale them. These are also the most often cause of allergies. Vacuuming may even spread them around the house. Frisco, TX carpet cleaning can remove these toxins by dry foaming or by steaming.
  • Vacuuming may affect your carpet’s warranty. A top class carpet company will have a warranty that requires the owner to take care of the carpet by having it professionally cleaned. Otherwise, your warranty will be void. You might want to check your warranty on the number of months required for professional cleaning, to be sure.
  • You need specialized carpet cleaning tools. Even the most expensive vacuum will not be able to clean your carpet like hot water cleaning machines. Did you know that an average home has around 40 pounds of dust? And that’s only for the current year. Add the previous years’. Do you think your vacuum cleaner will be able to shoulder that heavy a load?
  • Severe stains. Red wine and coffee spills that have been on your carpet for the longest time you can remember will not be removed by simple vacuuming. The only way they will vanish is through carpet cleaning in Frisco, TX. You might damage your carpet if you try to remove the stains on your own.
  • Expert carpet cleaning actually makes vacuuming more efficient. Once your carpet has been cleaned by professionals, you will feel the difference when you do your once a week vacuuming. There will not be as much dust left as you would have regularly expected, and you will not have a hard time extracting them up.

It is highly recommended that you call in professional carpet cleaning in Frisco, TX every six months to ensure a dust-free home. If you have pets that live with you, then it should be every four to six weeks. Area rugs should be taken care of the same as you do your carpets. You can take them to a Frisco, TX carpet cleaning expert like ekoserve every six months, so they can be deep-cleaned or steamed as well. You can just beat them with a broom in between.

ekoserve has an eco-process carpet cleaning in Frisco, TX that has undergone proven lab technology and experience to provide you an excellent green carpet cleaning service that not only takes care of your carpets but also your family and the environment.